How to Buy Domain Name

Planning to buy domain name is the very first step towards starting at a website or a blog. In simpler words, it is a name for any blog or website. Having said that, choosing a good domain name is very crucial for the success of a website.

Every web owner would love to have an easy to remember and an attractive name as this name will eventually become a brand later on.

Buy Domain Name
Buy Domain Name

To get one name, you really have to research a lot and should know how to invest and register domain name.

The process of buying a domain name has eventually become very easy and straightforward as there are many companies, called domain registrar, available and competing with each other.

By the end of this article, you will be able to

  • Realize how important is a domain name
  • Search for a domain
  • Buy domain name
  • Update DNS &
  • Renew your expiring domain

Selecting domain name

First, you need to finalize a domain name before actually buying it. It is not like anything that you can just buy and later on return it because you didn’t like it or changed your mind. It’s like a name that will be associated with your website or a blog.

Readout our blog for 9 important tips before finalizing and buying a domain name.

Checking Availability

After finalizing the domain name, the first question that should come in mind is: Is this domain available to buy?

This moment can be the most frustrating if your name is already sold and someone is actually running a blog or website with that name. Isn’t it?

Most of the people do buy domains and then they sell them at higher prices for a profit. This practically makes it very difficult for a genuine buyer to get the name of his own choice.

An old domain name can sell for many thousands of dollars as many factors are involved in the price of a domain name like ranking, traffic, brand name. Along with these price factors, domain registrar charges should also be considered which really adds to the price.

You are really lucky if your domain name is available for sale, as no one has taken it before. But what if it is already sold to someone else?

In this scenario, you still have some options to choose like

  • You may contact the owner of that domain and make an offer.
  • You may change your name a little bit like adding some keywords to make it bit longer, or
  • You may want to buy domain name with different extension like .co .us .net .biz .org etc.

Making the purchase

Domain name registration is actually very easy, but you may likely to fall in a marketing trap set by the domain registrars.

This should be kept in mind that many domain registrars would attract you by offering domain on a very nominal price, but later on, would charge you very higher amounts for domain renewal. Even their discount coupons will not be applicable for the rest of your life.

You need to be ready and mentally well prepared that domain registrar would charge for more than what you asked for. These charges may be something like

  • Hidden charges by adding any service along with domain that you did not ask.
  • Charges to hide your privacy detail like your name, address, email, etc.
  • Charges to transfer your domain to another registrar.

Do some real research and check pricing with multiple domain registrars for the same domain. Readout their terms & conditions and other relevant information like pricing pages, schedule of charges, etc.

Here making a strategy will definitely help you in buying a domain. You may first want to add the domain in the cart just to find out which other services are being offered and added automatically and then check the total amount. The same process may be carried on with other registrars and this comparison will help you to find out the lowest price.

DNS is an abbreviation of the Domain Name System. Imagine a diary that contains all your contact numbers. DNS works just like a phone diary. It is very easy for us to remember names as compared to contact numbers.

Every domain name carries an IP address at the backend, which is actually numbers. Web browsers can only recognize IP addresses, whereas we can’t remember IP addresses as it is very much impossible to memorize IP addresses like 216.3. 128.12.

So, this is where DNS comes to rescue. DNS actually translates IP address into alphabets so that for humans it becomes easier to remember a website name.

Why we are discussing it? Well, it is the next step after buying a domain. The buying domain is one part and buying a hosting package is another thing. You need to have a hosting plan where all your website files can be uploaded and made available to the public in the form of a blog or a website.

In simpler words, you need to connect your domain registrar to your hosting company, so that whenever someone types your domain name in the address bar of a web browser, it fetches all your website files from the hosting company and shows up on your screen. That’s how a website works.

Now how do we create this connection? It is pretty much easier and even a nontechie can do it easily with basic knowledge.

Most of the domain registrars would show up manage domain buttons or links inside your profile or account page. Just click and find out DNS and provide your DNS detail from the hosting company. It would look like & Normally there will be two DNS and you need to enter them both.

After updating DNS it would maximum take 48 hours to update. After it is done, you are all good to go.

Renewing domain

Domains are not for a lifetime. You need to make payments to renew them. When you buy a domain, you have made payment for a specific time period like one year or five years. It is actually like a subscription thing. You make payments and then the domain registrar will renew it for that time. If you stop making payments, you will lose that domain and the company would likely sell it to someone else.

So, you need to keep an eye on the domain’s expiry date and make payment to renew it well before time. If your domain registrar has an option for automatic renewals, then make sure to keep your payment methods (credit /debit cards) updated all the time.

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